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What We Offer    

Punk-Pop-Preschool Introduction to Music Class

Elementary Music Class

Private and Group Lessons 

Rock Band Experience for Kids

All Ages and Abilities Open Mic Night

Family Jams: Where Families Connect Through Music

Art Classes

Toddler & Preschool Art 

Family Pottery 

Elementary Art (Coming Soon)
Middle School Art (Coming Soon)

High School Art (Coming Soon)

Theme Nights

Language Arts

Spanish for Kids (Ages 5 and up)
Sign Language (Ages 6-12 and 13+)

Kids Painting
Sheet music on music stand

Drama/Theatrical Arts

Drama Kids: Improv Class (Ages 10 and up)


Lego Day Camp
Summer Enrichment Camps

Spring Break/Winter Break/Holiday Camps


Creative Clubs
Dungeons and Dragons Clubs (Ages 7-10 & 11-and-up)
Fishing Club (Coming Soon)
Drama Club (Coming Soon)

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